About Us

Here at Be Brave Apparel we are doing our part in what we see is a pivotal moment for society as a whole, the end of the oppression of women and minorities. For too long our world has been filled with inequality and maltreatment. Our interest lays in the fact that many women still aren’t able be to take up their rightful place in the US. We don’t hate men, we don’t hate this country, but it must live up to the principles of its founding. 

We are trying to achieve this by helping women to show their braveness, to show that they are willing and able to fight for what they believe in. Not for one's self, but for any woman out there that’s hasn’t been able to take the step towards action by showing the world what they believe in.  

Our goal lays in the acknowledgement of women's dreams and believes, not only by their surroundings but also by herself. If only there is one woman out there, one woman who will decide make this step when they see another women wearing one of our designs. Then and only then will we consider our project to be successful. 

Be Brave, Be You.